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Innovarum’s history

Innovarum was founded in 2013 together by Maya Hernando and Irene Paredes, two agricultural engineers with enormous passion for their sector. It started its activity in a moment of transition, the Framework Program for Research and Innovation FP7 was finishing and Horizon 2020 (H2020) was just starting. Innovarum grew in an environment defined by agricultural innovation and transformation: a technological revolution (the agro-tech revolution), new circular economy business models or the growth bioeconomy are examples of some relevant changes.

Innovarum has had the opportunity to participate in projects and initiatives on agricultural and industrial innovation in a key moment for the sector. Thanks to that, Innovarum has gained deep insights on the current dynamics of the agricultural sector, specially on the bioeconomy.


Our mission is to foster innovation in the agri-food sector & the bioeconomy.

We help companies, mainly SMEs, and other entities to carry out their ambitious innovative projects, by providing a comprehensive and integral support service, from the definition of the idea to the launching of the product / process / service to the market.


In Innovarum we believe in a sustainable, modern and efficient agri-food sector linked to a healthy environment and lively rural areas.

We are highly concerned with the great array of challenges related to the agri-food sector, such as climate change, resource efficiency or the assurance of food security for the increasing population without compromising our natural resources.

We do believe that the bioeconomy and concepts such as Circular Economy or Smart Agri-Food Tools are the key to set the pathway to a future where agri-food systems become sustainable from a socioeconomic and environmental point of view.

Our team is fully committed with these aims and, guided by the priorities set in the programme Horizon Europe, we help other stakeholders mainly related to the agri-food chain -from academia to industry, to bring their innovative solutions to the market whilst we also develop our own projects.

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Do you have an innovative idea for a project? Are you looking for project management support? Do you need a Dissemination and Communication Partner?

At INNOVARUM, we provide tailored services for entities in the agri-food and bioeconomy sectors.

We help you define your innovative idea, identifying the best ways for collaboration to make your project succeed. This includes not only project planning and launching, but also technical development, management, and communication.

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