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About the Author: África Pardavila

Communications Manager - Africa owns a degree in Translation and Culture studies with a Chinese Mayor by Autonomous University of Madrid (ES), an MBA by ICEX-CECO and UIMP (ES) and a Master in Digital Marketing by Complutense University in Madrid (UCM). She also took business and language courses at Peking University (China) and worked in the Agri-food Promotion Department of the Commercial and Economic Office of the Embassy of Spain in Beijing (China). Throughout her educational and professional international experience, she’s built up a great passion for content creation, business development, digital marketing and creative processes.

Innovarum has organised this year an #EUpartnerevent (EU GreenWeek2021) titled “Agri-food innovative solutions towards a Zero Pollution EU“. This e-Workshop presented innovative projects in the agri-food sector— with speakers from active EU projects: GREENPROTEIN, PRO-ENRICH, BIOSCHAMP, BIOFRUITNET, COOPID, HOOP or VALUEWASTE—and their contributions to a zero-pollution transformation in the European Union.

About 95 of the users connected during the event, with a maximum concurrency of 65 attendees. Most of the viewers came from countries within the EU (specially Spain and Germany). In total, there were attendees from 25 countries all around the globe.

The event was directed towards industry stakeholders and the business sector, with the aim of benefiting from the knowledge exchange and networking opportunity. In the next video you can watch a summary of the main topics covered:

To watch all event presentations, you can now click in the button bellow:

The “Agri-food innovative solutions towards a Zero Pollution EU” event was divided into two main blocks. Below you can find a brief summary of each section:

Interaction in the Innovarum’s #EUPartnerEvent

During the #EUPartnerEvent, the public participated answering questions regarding the presentations given by the speakers.

The first question that the public answered was “In your opinion, which is the main lesson from these presentations regarding environmental challenges in the EU?”. With a 53% of the votes, the main lesson learnt from was the application of circular economy practices in key sectors, followed by the replacement of non-renewable resources with sustainable options (27%) and the importance of alternative sources of proteins (20%).

Furthermore, the second question was “iIn your opinion, what actions do you think are important to engage primary producers in innovation?”. Some of the actions that were highlighted from the public were:

  • Communication
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Plain language
  • Cooperation
  • Translation
  • Access to technology
  • And more!
menti re

More about #EUPartnerEvents and the EU Green Week

The “Agri-food innovative solutions towards a Zero Pollution EU” is an #EUPartnerEvent, a parallel event to the #EUGreenWeek 2021. The main topic for this year EU Green Week is “Zero Pollution”.

“Pollution affects everybody – through the air we breathe, the water we drink or the land we grow our food on. (…) The European Green Week 2021 will be dedicated to the ‘zero pollution ambition’. Furthermore, it will also look at other relevant European Green Deal initiatives, such as the climate initiatives, the upcoming Chemicals Strategy, as well as initiatives in the fields of energy, industry, mobility, agriculture, fisheries, health and biodiversity.”

EU Green Week 2021, Homepage

#EUPartnerEvents will continue until mid-June. You can find daily reports about the activities and events on the official website of the EU Green Week.

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