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About the Author: Andrea León

Content Manager - Andrea owns a degree in Graphic Arts with a concentration in Design by Taylor University (US) and a Master’s degree by IED MADRID (ES) in Branding & Visual Identity. She has a great passion for visual communication, content creation, and digital marketing that she’s developed through her international experience working in different creative and marketing agencies both in the U.S. and Spain.

The 2023 year has been certainly one for the books, especially for Innovarum! As we bid farewell to another year, it’s time to take a moment and reflect on the incredible journey we’ve had in 2023. For us, at Innovarum, this year has been nothing short of remarkable—a year marked by achievements, growth, and significant milestones we have proudly fostered in the bioeconomy sector.

Successful Communication Campaigns

Our commitment to fostering awareness and understanding in the world of bioeconomy was underscored by the success of our communication campaigns. Through strategic messaging and outreach, we were able to engage with a wider audience, shedding light on the importance of sustainable practices and innovation in this sector. The impact of these campaigns resonated strongly, reaching individuals and communities globally, driving conversations and advocating for a greener, more sustainable future. Check out the campaigns organised by Innovarum in 2023:

SISTERS #StopFoodWaste

A dissemination and communication campaign organised by Innovarum within the framework of the Stop Food Waste Day which takes place in April every year!

OLEAF4VALUE project TV mention in LaSexta

Innovarum, together with Natac, participated in a TV news report which took place in Hervás, Spain, at the headquarters of Natac’s factory where the processes of olive leaf biomass valorisation were filmed and broadcasted in LaSexta TV.

COOPID Bioeconomy Week

A full week celebrating the achievements of the COOPID project, wrapping up with the COOPID Bioeconomy conference which took place in Brussels and was organised by Innovarum.

Participation in High-Level Events

In 2023, our involvement in high-level events within the bioeconomy and the agrifood sector served as a testament to our dedication and expertise. Attending and contributing to conferences, symposiums, and seminars allowed us to share insights, exchange knowledge, and collaborate with industry leaders. These interactions not only enhanced our understanding of emerging trends but also positioned us as key contributors to shaping the discourse around sustainable bio-based solutions.


Innovarum was present in the Mushrooms Days representing BIOSCHAMP EU Project! The event took place from 10- 12 May 2023 in Brabanthallen ‘s-Hertogenbosch. The Mushroom Days is the largest and most spectacular international exhibition for the edible mushroom industry worldwide!


Innovarum was present with OLEAF4VALUE and MainstreamBIO project in EXPOBIOMASA in Valladolid, Spain where our team interacted with other EU projects and discussed relevant topics in the bioeconomy sector with stakeholders and experts.


Innovarum travelled to Seville, Spain to take part in the 2023 Circular Bioeconomy Forum hosted by the Consejería de Agricultura, Pesca, Agua y Desarrollo Rural de la Junta de Andalucía in collaboration with the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, which aims to exchange experiences in the circular bioeconomy of all key actors of the quadruple helix.


Innovarum also participated in person in the event “Opportunities for the development of blue biotechnology in Macaronesia” in Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, organised within the framework of the REBECA-CCT project. The aim was to present and disseminate the results of the market study, the roadmap and the guide for entrepreneurs and companies on blue biotechnology.

Active Engagement in Project Meetings around Europe

The year also saw our active participation in pivotal project meetings, where we collaborated with esteemed partners and stakeholders. These meetings provided invaluable opportunities to brainstorm, strategize, and synergize efforts towards common goals, furthering the advancement of bioeconomy initiatives on a global scale. Some of the countries that the Innovarum team visited to represent the company are Spain, Slovenia, Netherlands, Ireland, Belgium. And we are eager to visit many more European cities in 2024 with our projects!

Celebrating Our 10th Anniversary

2023 marked a significant milestone for Innovarum – our 10th anniversary! A decade of unwavering dedication, innovation, and resilience has been instrumental in shaping our identity and vision. This anniversary not only symbolizes our journey but also reaffirms our commitment to driving positive change in the bioeconomy and the agrifood sector landscape.

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Expansion of Our Team

As part of our growth trajectory, we expanded our team to include 14 talented and passionate professionals who proudly contribute to foster sustainability and innovation. Each addition brought unique skills, perspectives, and expertise, enriching our collaborative efforts, and enabling us to tackle challenges more comprehensively. This diverse and dynamic team remains a cornerstone of our success!

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Successful Event Organization

Throughout the year, our team orchestrated several successful events that garnered praise and recognition within the industry. These events served as platforms for networking, knowledge sharing, and showcasing innovative solutions in the bioeconomy sector. The positive feedback received affirmed our ability to curate engaging and impactful gatherings. Some of these events were: The COOPID Bioeconomy Conference and The OLEAF4VALUE Workshops for Industry and Academia!

Looking Forward

As we embrace the dawn of a new year, we are invigorated by the accomplishments and lessons of the past. Our commitment to driving innovation, sustainability, and positive change remains steadfast. With the support of our dedicated team, partners, and stakeholders, we eagerly anticipate overcoming new challenges and achieving greater milestones in the ever-evolving landscape of the bioeconomy.

Here’s to a promising future built on the foundation of our collective efforts and shared vision for a more sustainable world! Innovarum is poised and committed to leading the charge towards a brighter, greener future in the bioeconomy.

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