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About the Author: Andrea León

Content Manager - Andrea owns a degree in Graphic Arts with a concentration in Design by Taylor University (US) and a Master’s degree by IED MADRID (ES) in Branding & Visual Identity. She has a great passion for visual communication, content creation, and digital marketing that she’s developed through her international experience working in different creative and marketing agencies both in the U.S. and Spain.

On July 5, 2024, Innovarum celebrated the arrival of summer and the exciting progress of our latest projects with an unforgettable visit to Chinchón. We are proud to announce the approval of two key projects: MainstreamBIO and SMARTWINERY.

To celebrate these achievements, we organized a day that combined the themes of both projects in a setting that represents the charm of rural Spain and the winemaking tradition.

The day began at our office with our daily meeting. Each team member had the opportunity to organize their tasks and attend to any pending matters before departure. We boarded a minibus that took us to Chinchón, a picturesque town located about 45 minutes by car from Madrid. During the journey, the excitement and enthusiasm were palpable, and the team took the opportunity to chat and anticipate the activities that awaited us.

Upon arriving in Chinchón, we were greeted by the charming sight of the Plaza Mayor, a space that reflects the history and uniqueness of the town. We strolled through its streets, enjoying the architecture and the peaceful atmosphere before the heat intensified. Chinchón, with its urban center declared a Historic-Artistic Site in 1974, retains a unique beauty and character that transported us to another era.

We then headed to Bodega Del Nero to escape the heat and enjoy an unforgettable sensory experience. Founded in 1870 and managed by the same family for five generations, the winery offered us a wine tasting accompanied by samples of local oils and cheeses. The history and tradition of Bodega Del Nero resonated in every sip and bite, providing us with a direct connection to the region’s winemaking legacy.

After the tasting, we returned to the Plaza Mayor and went to Café La Ibérica for lunch. We settled into this restaurant, one of the most recommended in the area. Located in an iconic 18th-century building, Café La Ibérica offered us a delicious meal that was the perfect end to a morning full of discoveries and celebrations.

Chinchón, with its history dating back to the Neolithic and its Roman and Arab influences, provided us with an ideal backdrop to reflect on our achievements and look to the future with enthusiasm. Its Plaza Mayor, declared the fourth wonder of the Community of Madrid, is a highlight of the region’s rich cultural heritage.

The summer celebration in Chinchón was an enriching experience that combined the technological advancement of our projects with the appreciation of our cultural roots. At Innovarum, we value both innovation and tradition, and this event was a perfect manifestation of that duality. Looking to the future, we continue with the same dedication and passion, inspired by the beauty and history we found in Chinchón.