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About the Author: Innovarum

Content produced by the Innovarum Team with inputs from different team members.

Agriculture is one of the important sectors in the transformation of Europe’s economy and society towards a long-term sustainable future. European farmers will face several challenges in the future as they continue to supply food and non-food products and at the same time contribute to this transition. The challenges are wide-ranging and include: climate change, resource scarcity, infrastructure problems and changes in food demand and dietary habits.

Irene Paredes, co-CEO and co-founder of Innovarum, attended the workshop “Transformative Futures for Farmers and Rural Communities”, organised by JRC foresight (Joint Research Centre) and DG AGRI on 20-21 September. In the video above, Irene shares interesting reflections on her experience in Brussels while participating in the workshop. From key learnings to future expectations in the agri-food sector, Irene agrees that this was a unique experience that cultivated a unique sense of sustainable awareness for upcoming technological developments.

Attendees received an informed and inventive insight into the future of the agricultural sector. The new technologies that are awakening, the emerging practices that are fostering new behaviours in the sector and the future incentives that will help this occupation flourish.



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