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Communications Manager - Africa owns a degree in Translation and Culture studies with a Chinese Mayor by Autonomous University of Madrid (ES), an MBA by ICEX-CECO and UIMP (ES) and a Master in Digital Marketing by Complutense University in Madrid (UCM). She also took business and language courses at Peking University (China) and worked in the Agri-food Promotion Department of the Commercial and Economic Office of the Embassy of Spain in Beijing (China). Throughout her educational and professional international experience, she’s built up a great passion for content creation, business development, digital marketing and creative processes.

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Measuring the Impact: Effective Strategies for Evaluating EU Project Communication in Horizon Europe

In Horizon Europe, an accurate measurement of the impact of the communication and dissemination actions of your EU-funded project has become crucial. Whether it's sharing research findings, engaging with the public, or promoting project outcomes, communication plays a vital role in an EU project. However, it's not enough to just communicate; it's equally important to measure the impact of these communication efforts. In this blog post, we'll explore effective strategies for evaluating the impact of communication activities in EU projects. Why Measure Impact in Communication? First and foremost, because it is a key requirement of the EU Commission. [...]

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Top Bioeconomy Events in the EU for 2023: A Comprehensive Guide

The bioeconomy is gaining momentum in the European Union (EU). In 2023, the EU will host a series of events that will highlight the latest developments in the bioeconomy, including advancements in biotechnology, renewable energy, and agriculture. Here are some of the top events in the bioeconomy that will take place in the EU in 2023: World Bio Markets (May 10-11, 2023) World Bio Markets returns to The Netherlands (The Hague) in 2023 with new opportunities for participation. World Bio Markets is a leading global event that brings together key stakeholders in the bio-based economy to discuss the latest [...]

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Automation may shape the future of the agrifood sector in the coming years

Automation technologies and processes play a key role in one of the last reports published by FAO in 2022: The State of Food and Agriculture 2022. From global navigation satellite systems, automated crop production, autonomous machines, weeding robots, drones, automated feeding, monitoring technologies to precision agriculture; the automation trend is clear across the in livestock, aquaculture, crop management, and forestry subsectors. “The sector is undergoing profound technological change at an accelerating pace” FAO. 2022. The State of Food and Agriculture 2022, leveraging agricultural automation for transforming agrifood systems. The report presents agricultural automation as the natural result of more [...]

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  • EU Green Week

4 EU Green Week partner events you cannot miss!

The EU Green Week of 2022 gathered an incredible set of events. In case you missed it, here are 4 events on innovation, sustainability & circularity you can now watch again and review. EU Green Week is an annual opportunity to debate European environmental policy with policymakers, leading environmentalists and stakeholders from Europe and beyond. This year's edition focuses on the European Green Deal - the EU’s sustainable and transformative growth strategy for a resource-efficient and climate-neutral Europe by 2050. When: 03/06/2022 Registered participants: 35. Organiser: SISTERS project The event brought together a [...]

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2021, what a year for Innovarum!

As the year comes to an end and the days left for 2022 to begin can be counted on the fingers of our hands, we take a moment to think and remember what 2021 has been like. Innovarum is thankful for 2021; in the year the company celebrates its 8th birthday, projects have ended, projects have started, and new amazing people have joined the team. Kick-Off Meeting of the COOPID H2020 project online In January 2021 we launched COOPID, an incredible project that is now working to make the bioeconomy closer to EU primary producers through exchange experiences, [...]

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Agri-food innovative solutions towards a Zero Pollution EU #EUPartnerEvent results!

Innovarum has organised this year an #EUpartnerevent (EU GreenWeek2021) titled "Agri-food innovative solutions towards a Zero Pollution EU". This e-Workshop presented innovative projects in the agri-food sector— with speakers from active EU projects: GREENPROTEIN, PRO-ENRICH, BIOSCHAMP, BIOFRUITNET, COOPID, HOOP or VALUEWASTE—and their contributions to a zero-pollution transformation in the European Union. About 95 of the users connected during the event, with a maximum concurrency of 65 attendees. Most of the viewers came from countries within the EU (specially Spain and Germany). In total, there were attendees from 25 countries all around the globe. The event was directed towards industry [...]

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Communication tips for projects in the bioeconomy

Innovarum attended the first of a series of 4 webinars structured around the general topic of “Shaping the Innovation Ecosystem for the bioeconomy” organised by the LIFT project with the collaboration of: URBIOfuture, CELEbio, the European Bioeconomy Network, Biobridges and Biovoices. The first webinar of the series was about “Awareness raising, Communication, Education and Stakeholders Engagement”. Awareness, Communication, Education & Engagement The webinar on “Awareness raising, Communication, Education and Stakeholders Engagement” presented the work of the projects LIFT, URBIOfuture and the European Bioeconomy Network. The 3 are Coordination and Support Actions that work around finding ways to communicate the bioeconomy to different stakeholders. Mainly, the [...]

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