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Innovarum participates in the KOM of OrganicClimateNET

Last 27th of February took place the Kick off Meeting (KOM) of OrganicClimateNET in Fulda, Germany. Innovarum was present as one of the partners of the project. A more organic Europe Recognising the key role of organic farming in achieving a climate-neutral Europe by 2050, as well as in meeting various environmental targets, the EU has embarked on an ambitious initiative. The OrganicClimateNET project, designed to empower organic farms to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and enhance carbon sequestration. OrganicClimateNET will establish a pioneering network of 250 organic farms in 12 EU countries. These farms are laboratories for experimentation, innovation [...]

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Tips to improve your EU project social media

If you want to improve your project's social media, you need a plan. Here are some tips to gain visibility, generate traction and increase your subscribers on social media: Know your target Not everyone uses the same social networks. The first step is to know your target: What country is from? Man or woman? How old is it?... Once you know this data, you can choose which platform connects better with your audience. If your message is aimed at an audience between 25 and 44 years old, YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest will be the best platforms for your project. On [...]

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