About the Author: Paula Hernández

Paula holds a BSc in Biochemistry from the Complutense University of Madrid (ES) and an MSc in Biotechnology for the Bioeconomy from the University of Milan (IT). Showing great interest in sustainability and innovation, she got in deep touch with the agrifood industry during her experience within the EIT Food RIS Fellowship in 2020. Previously, she worked as a Business Analyst and Project Manager in a biotechnological company in the Diagnostics field, in which she developed a business perspective and acquired an interest in project management.

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Living Labs: where innovation turns into experience

In recent years, the term Living Labs has become a recurrent method for innovation in projects fostered by the European Union. This concept, despite its apparent abstract nature, is materialised by bringing together social, political and scientific disciplines with a common objective: to promote innovation with a tangible impact on all social spheres. What is a living lab? A living lab is a concept, methodology and space that promotes a way of thinking and approaching the phenomenon of innovation. In this setting, innovation is conducted in real scenarios, centred on the experience and interests of the end-user. It always [...]

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