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The COOPID project will address the main challenges the primary sector encounters when taking part in the “bioeconomy”, namely, poor cooperation and knowledge transfer between relevant stakeholders, and limited support to invest in R&D to establish new value chains.

According to the European Commission, the bioeconomy includes all those business models that rely on using renewable bio-based resources from land and sea -like crops, forests, fish, animals, and micro-organisms- to produce food, materials, and energy. Furthermore, the latest EU Green Deal -the European plan to make the Europe climate neutral by 2050 – directly supports the implementation of a sustainable and circular bio-based sector.

Coordinated by Cooperativas Agro-Alimentarias de España -Agri-food Cooperatives Spain, the umbrella association representing the Spanish agri-food cooperative movement- COOPID proposes an innovative and effective strategy to inspire primary producers and stimulate the uptake of inclusive and sustainable bio-based business models in the European primary production sector, considering regional & sectorial particularities. Currently, bioeconomy starts on the fields, yet, meaningful participation of the primary sector is currently challenged: this is an issue COOPID is meant to address.

COOPID Kick Off Meeting

Project details

COOPID is funded by the EU Commission H2020 Programme under the topic CE-FNR-15-2020 (Grant Agreement no.: 101000519) and counts with an overall budget of 2 million euros.

  • Acronym: COOPID
  • Title: COOPeration of bioeconomy clusters for bio-based knowledge transfer via Innovative Dissemination techniques in the primary production sector
  • Call: H2020-FNR-2020-1
  • Project coordinator: Cooperativas Agro-Alimentarias de España
  • Duration: 2
  • Budget: 2 million euros.
  • Link in Cordis:
  • Twitter: @COOPID_eu ( ).

Contact points

Cooperativas Agro-Alimentarias de España (Spain)

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