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About the Author: Innovarum

Content produced by the Innovarum Team with inputs from different team members.

The project #AnnualFood Agenda is an initiative powered by EIT Food -a European Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC), which receives funding from the European Commission body ‘EIT’– whose goal is to engage consumers with healthier lifestyles and environments, encouraging them to think about the food they eat and involving the entire value chain.

Innovarum believes collaboration to be key for the visibility of innovation within and beyond the agri-food sector. Thus, after talks with the Institute of Food Science Research (CIAL-CSIC) – #AnnualFoodAgenda project partner – this article presents the challenges, the structure and actions the project is making.

It is possible to follow all new developments of #AnnualFoodAgenda at its webpage ( and discover new EIT Food projects at the initiative projects page.

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