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About the Author: Paula Morán

Financial Manager - Paula owns a Double Degree in Law and Business Administration by the University Carlos III of Madrid (ES) and a master’s degree in international business management by ICEX-CECO and UIMP (ES). She has a great international business vision that she’s developed through her Erasmus scholarship in the University College Dublin (IRL) and her job in the Commercial Office of the Spanish Embassy in Zagreb (HR).

Commission Decision C(2021)35, as amended by Commission Decision C(2023)4928, authorises the use of unit costs for the reimbursement of eligible travel costs awarded under any action or programme financed by the Union budget under the 2021-2027 MFF period[1].

Please note that the unit costs used for this Decision were calculated before the pandemic, therefore, an additional 25% should be added to each of the amounts indicated in the Decision. This means that eligible travel costs will cover the trip (round trip) based on the distance, in kilometres, that separates the point of origin from the destination, also taking into account the destination country (or if it is national travel).

The EC has also set up a site to help calculate your eligible unit costs for travel costs, which can be found here: LINK.

How does it work?

Transportation costs

For travels with a distance over than 400 km (regardless of the means of transport, plane/train), the cost would be that of the following table, to which an additional 25% should be added. Please note that, if you use a combination of plane + train for a 500 km trip, the cost would be 245+25% in total, it would not be doubled because they are two different means of transport.

For travels by land and distances under 400km within the same EU country, the cost would be that of the following table, to which an additional 25% should be added.

For travels by land and distances under 400km between two EU Member States, the cost would be as shown in the following table, looking at the country of origin and destination. Always remember to add an additional 25%.

Accomodation costs

The EC establishes the following costs per night for 1 person depending on the country. Remember that an additional 25% has to be added.

Subsistence costs

Works as accommodation costs, there is an EC assignation for 1 person per day depending on the country (the additional 25% should also be added here).

The total eligible costs for the travel are the sum of transportation + accommodation + subsistence unit costs.

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