BlockCHAIN technology that enhances farm productivity and guarantees CATTLE traceability and welfare


Project Description

CATTLECHAIN 4.0 aims to develop an integral smart solution to support the EU livestock sector to (i) increase its efficiency and become an attractive activity for the younger generations and (ii) assure full transparency and traceability along the supply chain. By recording different parameters (temperature, position, movement…) from the cows with IoT devices, and analysing this data with Artificial Intelligence algorithms, farmers get in real-time insights about their herd status, so they can take immediate action if any issue arises and prevent losses/health issues.

Besides, by aggregating the data from multiple cows and farms in a blockchain based cloud platform, consumers and public authorities can access secure data about the meat/dairy supply chain. Finally, aligned with consumers’ demands and thanks to the information gathered by the IoT devices, CATTLECHAIN will create an Animal Welfare Seal that guarantees that the meat and dairy products meet the highest animal welfare standards. During the project, CATTLECHAIN will test and validate its system with the support of more than 5000 dairy and cattle cows.

Project Details

  • Call:¬†H2020-EIC-FTI-2018-2020
  • Reference number: SEP-210557560
  • Grant Agreement:¬†853864
  • Consortium: 4 companies from 3 countries
  • Coordinator:¬†MISC International S.L.
  • Starting date: 01/04/2019
  • Duration: 36 months
  • Link:¬†Cordis