A cost-effective production process to open worldwide the cultured meat market


Project Description

Encouraged by the pressure over the environment derived from livestock farming, Greenfoods Network has started CULTURED BEEF, a project that aims to obtain and market beef meat from the culture of dairy cattle muscle cells. To do so, they have developed an innovative and cost-effective production process that will allow the commercialisation of cultured beef burgers at a competitive price.

Thanks to CULTURED BEEF, the EU population will be able to eat high-quality and environmentally-friendly beef meat, since the product (i) doesn’t imply animal slaughtering, (ii) needs 99% less land, 82-96% less water and emits 78-96% less GHG emissions than conventional meat and (iii) contains 60% less saturated fats than conventional beef meat.

CULTURED BEEF will be launched into the Spanish market in 2021 and will reach different EU countries (FR, NL, DE, DK, FI, SE) during the first five commercialization years.

Project Details

  • Call: H2020-SMEINST-1-2016-2017
  • Phase: Phase I
  • Grant Agreement: 790236
  • Company: Greenfoods Network
  • Starting date: December 2017
  • Duration: 6 months
  • Link: Cordis