A disruptive and integral IoT cooking solution to prepare quality-chef meals remotely


Project Description

Consumers are increasingly turning to meal options that are quicker and easier to consume (ready-to-eat meals, takeaways…). However, those options are either unhealthy to be frequently eaten, not tasty or expensive. ESKESSO fulfils all the requirements that EU citizens are seeking: healthy, tasty, affordable and convenient.

ESKESSO is a smart sous vide cooking appliance that can be remotely monitored from the ESKESSO App, in order to have the meal ready when getting back home. Sous vide is the healthiest cooking technique since it cooks at low temperature (all nutrients are preserved) and no oil/butter is used (no extra calories/fats). It consists on keeping a vacuum-packed piece of food in a pot of water at a constant low temperature for a long time.

Project Details

  • Call: Horizonte PYME 2017
  • Reference: SME-2017-0970-2
  • Company: Eskesso 
  • Starting date: June 2017
  • Duration: 12 months