Smart and flexible Separation and Valorisation of mixed bio-waste from along the agri-food value chain.

Project Description

Mixed biowaste from the agri-food sector is both abundant and rich in valuable compounds. But its potential is largely untapped: 75% of it goes into landfills or is incinerated, which accounts for 3% of EU greenhouse gas emissions. Use of this waste is hindered by the technological challenge of removing impurities and the logistical challenge of collecting seasonal, geographically dispersed feedstock.

Over 15 months at three waste generation sites the MixMatters system, composed of a mobile unit for automated separation of mixed agri-food waste and a valorisation hub for treating the separated waste, will demonstrate the technical and economic feasibility of obtaining high-value-added outputs for the cosmetic, chemical and food industry from mixed biowaste streams. Both elements are integrated by a decision-support tool to optimise economic and environmental performance, while the traceability of the final products will be ensured by the issuing of digital product passports.

Project Details