Demonstration of an IoT 4.0 mussel processing system for an advanced seafood canning industry


Project Description

Currently, the main problems that the mussel processing industry faces are high energy consumption and an uneven heat distribution during the cooking process, which decreases product quality due to dehydration and nutrients degradation.

MUSSELPRO offers an innovative solution: a cooker and autoclave that, by using advanced imaging technology and artificial intelligence, are programmed according to the characteristics of each batch of mussels, achieving a reduction of 20% on processing time, and avoid cold spots by using smart algorithms and a system for temperature optimisation and homogenisation. The project added an IoT system with 4.0 sensors that leverages the power of process data and offers remote monitoring and preventive maintenance, augmented reality and machine learning capabilities.

TEINCO will scale-up MUSSELPRO to a full-scale DEMO unit and demonstrate it in JEALSA, a real mussel cannery, to reach the market readiness.

Project Details

  • Programme: EMFF Action Grant
  • Call: EMFF-BlueEconomy-2018
  • Reference number: 863681
  • Consortium: 2 companies from 1 country
  • Starting date: 01/11/2019
  • Duration: 36 months
  • Link: Musselpro webpage