Automated modular system for cutting and classifying frozen tuna using hyperspectral characterization


Project Description

SpecTUNA is an industrial machine that will enable to automatize the tuna preparation step prior to canning and will provide information of the quality characterisation of each of the pieces by using hyperspectral image analysis, in a continuous, non-destructive, one-by-one analysis, with a processing capacity of 180 tuna units per hour.

It counts with four modules: A bin picking robotic arm picks each tuna and takes them to the cutting module, where they are cut until the loins are extracted. Then, they are analysed using NIRs and hyperspectral image analysis, obtaining biometric parameters and exerting quality control of each piece with non-destructive methods. Finally, it is classified depending on each piece’s volume, weight, or according to a nutritional characteristic (more/less salty, fat content, etc.)

Project Details