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About the Author: Innovarum

Content produced by the Innovarum Team with inputs from different team members.

Innovarum is one of the partners of the BIOFRUITNET H2020 project.

“The project aims to strengthen the competitiveness of European organic fruit production by collecting and synthesizing existing practical and scientific knowledge on organic fruit-growing to distribute it widely among the EU countries through easy formats like e-learning, podcasts, videos and short articles. Another focus is on strengthening established networks in organic fruit growing and establish links between them to create strong networks of organic fruit producers and stakeholders with a good flow of information. The project is coordinated by the international farmers association Naturland and carried out in collaboration with 15 partner organisations representing 12 countries in total.” – BIOFRUITNET

The 22 of June 2020, the BIOFRUITNET project made a press release announcing the launching of an online questionnaire addressed to technical advisors and fruit growers. Below are the details of the press release:

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