Sometimes, project reporting is not as easy as it may seem, especially when reporting personnel costs.

Declaring SME owners’ work cost can be a bit tricky, we have prepared this post to clear some doubts.

There are two types of SME owners who work on a H2020 project:

  1. SME owners who receive a salary.
  2. SME owners without a salary (usually they invoice the company)

The first kind of SME owners can report their personnel costs in the same way as if they were employees working under a contract (salary slips, contract, timesheets…).

But, how can I report the work cost of SME Owners without salary?

In these cases, the Commision fixes an hourly rate to calculate the personnel costs of the SME owner. In this post, we are focusing on this kind of SME owners.

And how do I know which SME Owner rate applies to my project?

You can find it out by following three simple steps.

What steps do I need to follow?

We will review it below!

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