Innovarum is an innovation agent in the bioeconomy. Joining its technical background in the agri-food sector and our experience in innovation, Innovarum carries out:

  • Carries out facilitation technical tasks for planning, starting up and executing new innovative projects (identifying business models, mapping, and connecting good practices and stakeholders…).
  • Carries out prospection activities. This includes complex sectorial studies and feasibility studies for companies in the agri-food sector and the bioeconomy.

  • Accompanies companies developing green, circular, and sustainable new business models.

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We provide you with our expertise on programmes such as, H2020, Horizon Europe (EIC Accelerator), BBI-Joint Undertaking, and collaborative projects.

  • We have been active in H2020 including SME Instrument, FP7, CIP, Life+ and other types of grants from the European Commission.

  • We also count with experienced EU Calls evaluators in our Team: Maya Hernando and Irene Paredes, Co-Founders of Innovarum.


We have experience in proposal writing and project coordination at European level from programmes mentioned above!

  • 51 SME Instrument project submissions (31 Phases 1 and 20 Phases 2)

  • 3  EIC Accelerator (previous SME Instrument Phase 2)

  • 12 Collaborative projects (8 H2020, 4  BBI). Largest approved: 8.4M€ grant, 19 partners.

  • 1 LIFE project with 5 partners

  • 2 EMFF DEMO Project with 4 partners

  • 4 Fast Track to Innovation with 4 partners

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We are also an active Dissemination & Communication project partner, with successful experiences across various projects in the bioeconomy.

  • Dissemination & Communication Plan

  • Partners’ engagement & community management
  • Content strategy and webpage management
  • Project Visual identity and dissemination materials

  • Event organisation


We help you map out and develop:

  • Exploitation plans and market studies

  • Circular business models

  • Design of funding roadmaps

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