Unique integral system to effectively monitor and promote medication adherence of polymedicated chronic patients


Project Description

Lack of medication adherence represents a very heavy burden for the EU28 in terms of (i) cost due to extra medical treatment that needs to be given (estimated as 125,000 million euros/year) (ii) cost due to additional hospitalisations, (iii) premature deaths that could be avoided (over 200,000 citizens/year).

SIGUEMED aims to solve this problem through an integrated system of hardware and software that uniquely makes use of certain ICT technologies (printed electronics and IoT) for effectively increasing medication adherence. INF√ĀRMATE has developed a smart-blister that can not only remind medication schedule, but also control if the patient actually took the correct medication, and when the patient did it, keeping records of it, and allowing a personalised follow up of every patient‚Äôs evolution.

SIGUEMED will coordinate pharmacists, patients and caregivers through its software and provide real-time statistics on medication adherence performance of the patient. SIGUEMED is a disruptive product that implements cross-sector technology to provide the best solution to an unsolved world-wide problem of large economic and societal impact. It aims to aid patients of multiple chronic diseases and to help them increase their medication adherence by effectively monitoring their intake medication with a world-novelty system.

Project Details